Updated brand – the new look and feel of Greenworlder

For the past months, we have been working in secret on our brand and today we are finally ready to present you with our new brand identity, alongside our new website which has similarly underwent a facelift to follow the new brand guidelines. 

The journey to the new, updated Greenworlder brand started from the very purpose of the platform: bringing people – both individual users as well as the representatives of brands and organisations – together to innovate, inspire, and engage around the topic of sustainability and to find better, more sustainable ways to live our everyday lives. 

From this aim our new slogan – social media for sustainability – was born. Keep it simple, keep it informative, we decided. Alongside the slogan, the messaging around our values and what the Greenworlder platform offers to its users was clarified and written into a more simplified, easily understood format that is presented across our new website. 

During the process we revisited our visual components, starting with the company logo. Compared to the old, the new logo comes with elements such as a symbol for the letter G which serves various purposes from the icon of the app to a favicon of the website, and of course an updated font for the name of the brand itself.  

In our new visual style, we wanted to challenge the traditional visual elements associated with sustainability. For this reason, plants and forest green are replaced by a set of clever illustrations and a colour palette of fresh, modern greens with a hint of effect colours such as blue, yellow, and red.  

The rebranding process was done in collaboration with our marketing team and a graphic designer Silje-Marie Molland, who joined us over the period of the summer to work on translating the brand promise and vision into colours, fonts, and other visual elements, working closely together with our web designer Jessica who is also responsible for the handmade illustrations presented around the new website and social media! 

With the rebranding done, we are now looking forward to our official launch. If you want to make sure you won’t miss out when we go live, sign up to our waiting list and get notified. 

Luxembourg Minister of the Economy and Minister for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs, Franz Fayot and the Minister of Sport and Minister of Labour, Employment and the Social and Solidarity Economy, George Engel passed by the new greenworlder office.
Sename Ayassou (Lead Developer), Urban Gillström (Founder & CEO), Peter Bartholin (Founder) and Kavita Mishra (Developer)

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