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Greenworlder brings together sustainability committed and curious consumers and businesses who share their mindset and vision of a better world. Business users can join Greenworlder by creating a free company profile or choose one of our partnership models.  

This is how it works

First and foremost: Greenworlder is a platform for sustainability, and a commitment to sustainability is something we expect from our business users, too. For this reason, we validate every business upon joining.

Greenworlder offers high visibility for companies with a curious audience who is committed to sustainable values. This is a great chance for responsible companies to showcase their brand to the unique audience of the Greenworlder community.

At the launch, the advertising focuses on increasing the visibility of sustainable brands with a focus on our marketplace, as well as creating genuine, authentic conversation between the consumers and companies via business profiles by creating meaningful content for the audience.

We are all the time developing our partnership options to better serve our business users. Soon, new features will be added in the mix to increase the ways to engage with the audience and better advertise your products and services. This means tools such as responsible and fair paid advertising models, and a voucher system which offers higher visibility for specific, tailored offers. We cannot wait to tell you more about all of this when the time comes!

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